Archiving Policy

To preserve the printed copy of all published articles of the Review of Socio-Economics and Development Studies, the publisher deposits printed copy of the journal to the Visayas State University library and to the National Archives of the Philippines. The authorized retention period of publications kept and preserved at the National Archives of the Philippines is permanent. This is to ensure that the printed copy of the journal remains available and accessible for public use.

For the long term preservation of digital contents, ReSERDS is using Zenodo and SSRN as repositories of published articles. Each published paper is assigned with a persistent digital object identifier (DOI) in Zenodo. Zenodo is an open-access repository developed under the European OpenAIRE program and operated by CERN. Aside from Zenodo, all published articles are deposited in SSRN. SSRN is an online database – a permanent and searchable online library for scholarly research. In addition, the publisher Visayas Socio-Economics Research and Data Analytics Center (ViSERDAC) and the Department of Economics, Visayas State University is applying for digital archiving and long term preservation services for all published articles in ReSERDS. The publisher commits to submit the metadata of the journal to online archiving services to safeguard the access of digital contents and that they remain available to everyone.