Stakeholders’ Awareness, Acceptance, and Perception of Visayas State University’s Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Authors: Reyvin N. Sabanal, Therese C. Ratilla, Gwendolin H. Omalay, Ian Dave B. Custodio and Maria Hazel I. Bellezas

Received: October 19, 2021 | Revised: December 15, 2021 | Accepted: December 30, 2021


The Visayas State University (VSU) developed a new strategic plan for 2017 to 2027. This plan adopted a revised vision, mission, goals, and objectives (VMGO). This study was undertaken to assess VSU stakeholders’ awareness and acceptance of the university’s VMGO after its four years of implementation. A descriptive research method was utilized, and the survey instruments were facilitated online via Google forms to reach all VSU constituents, including the four satellite campuses. This approach was chosen because of the preventive measures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Two survey forms with Likert-scale-based questions were designed for two groups of respondents. One is for VSU faculty, staff and, other stakeholders (i.e., alumni, partners, residents of nearby barangays) with 124 responses, and a separate survey form for undergraduate students with 159 responses. The results of the study revealed a high level of awareness and acceptance of VSU VMGO among its stakeholders. Of the two groups, the VSU faculty, staff, and other stakeholders have higher awareness and acceptance levels than the undergraduate students. The leading source of information for the VMGO was the VSU’s official website, which is quite likely because of the online mode in the pandemic. The majority of the respondents from both groups perceived the VMGO as inclusive and significantly essential for it to encompass all its stakeholders’ welfare, especially the students. To keep stakeholders informed and updated, it is recommended that the mode of dissemination of the VMGO be maintained, and explore other strategic measures of information dissemination like translating VMGO into the local dialect, that is, Cebuano, Waray-Waray, or Filipino, to reach a wider audience.

Keywords: institutional direction, strategic plan, state university, vision and mission

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Sabanal, R.N., Ratilla, T.C., Omalay, G.H., Custodio, I.D.B. & Bellezas, M.H.I. (2021). Stakeholders’ Awareness, Acceptance, and Perception of Visayas State University’s Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives. Review of Socio-Economic Research and Development Studies, 5(1), 61-83.